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There is a slide show (or slider) in the main content section of the Homepage. Each picture represents a specific topic. Choose the topic of interest and click on the image. Clicking the image takes the user to the appropriate webpage. The slider allows the user to review the website without having to search under each tab (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: A picture slide show (or slider) allows visitors to review the website passively or actively. If the visitor wants to know more information about a topic, they can click the main large image (option is active when the image highlights) or on the Learn More button (red arrow). The red arrowhead (yellow arrow) annotates the active thumbnail. The visitor can navigate to a desired image by either drop-and-dragging the thumbnail images on the right or by clicking the white arrowhead (orange arrow) projecting over the bottom of the thumbnail images. If no action is taken, the images will cycle spontaneously.


Figure 2: On the far left (red arrow) is the home icon to navigate home. On the far right (yellow arrow) is the magnifying glass icon to perform a search of the

Figure 3: Previous and Next Page Navigating Icons


Sidebars are located on the right side of the display (see Figure 4). All items in the Sidebar send the user to external links that open in a new tab. In other words, if a box is clicked, a new page will open in the browser, taking the user to that new webpage. Each of the following resources have its own icon, indicating the type of media being provided. Examples are shown in the sidebar on the right side of this webpage.

  • Society & association websites — institution building icon
  • Governmental websites — flag icon
  • Journal article — page icon
  • Videos — video camera icon
  • Newspaper articles — newspaper icon
    page layout

    Figure 4: The names of different sections of the webpage layout

Navigation Tabs

The homepage navigation section has five tabs: Home, Self-Neglect Facts, Living with Self-Neglect, Stories of Self-Neglect, and Resources.

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Self-Neglect Facts: Provides factual information about self-neglect. It is divided into four main sections: Self-Neglect Basics, Diseases Associated with SN, Treatment Options, and Ethics and the Law. Each of these sections is further organized to make finding information easier.

Living with Self-Neglect: Covers both the emotional and social aspects of self-neglect. This tab is divided into three main areas: Worried About Self-Neglect, Intervention, and Long-term.

Stories of Self-Neglect: Provides examples of how self-neglect may appear and be managed.

Resources: Provides a Glossary of terms, a discussion on how to prevent elder abuse in general, and a list of external links to useful resources.


The footer contains links to a disclaimer, legal information, contact information, and a site map.

Did You Know! and Quizzes

In the main content, “Did You Know!” boxes highlight facts about self-neglect. Quizzes provide an interactive way of learning the same material.

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